I'm alexandra g. hill

Better known as Alex, Al or Ally to my close friends & family. I am an Entertainment Marketing Manager specializing in Feature Films based in Washington, D.C., while traveling around the country for work.

I started this blog because for the longest time, I was on the fence on whether or not I should enroll in culinary school, but my career within entertainment has afforded me the opportunity to travel and taste various I combined my passion for Marketing/Public Relations and my dying love for food into 'Just Add Hot Sauce!'

This blog is for my Mother.. my amazing, crazy Puerto Rican, super talented “in the kitchen” Mother. From a very young age, I remember watching Food Network and printing out recipes that I could test out in the kitchen.  My mom, being the amazing woman she is, would take me to the grocery store and let me run wild... and for that, I thank her!

Growing up my mom cooked for me and my growing brother (He is 6'6 so he ate a lot!) every night and no matter how tired, exhausted or sick she was she made sure we had a GREAT sit down family dinner every night and each meal she made, was made with love that we could taste,

With love in my heart and kitchen, I dedicate this to her and I hope one day I can be as great of a cook as she is. 

Cheers to eating!