Cuba was one word.. AMAZING

In 2017 I made a promise to myself that I wanted to travel more and use my passport which has been collecting dust since 2014. So, for my 29th birthday I convinced my mom (which didn't take much convincing) to head to Cuba!

Cuba is definitely an experience. From the no WiFi to the architecture and old cars, you really feel like your in a whole different era. It was beautiful to be around the Cuban people and listen to their stories on life in Cuba and just talking to them made you happy. What made celebrating my birthday in Cuba so special was that you are forced to be in the moment and actually talk to people instead of looking down at your phone on social media. Don't get me wrong, I definitely bought a WiFi card to use the internet (I'm a Millennial) but it was great to be disconnected from the world and focus on what is actually in front of you. 

Every time I mentioned it was my birthday I either got a free Mojito or a live band broke out and sang 'Happy Birthday' to me in Spanish.. It was a once in a lifetime experience. 

To sum everything up, we danced to salsa music on the beach, drank at least a gallon of Havana Club Rum, sweated at least 10 pounds off from walking, talked with the locals, ate very OK food (if you go to Cuba it is NOT for the food), rode in some pretty cool old cars and most importantly I spent my 29th birthday with the woman who bought me into this world.. my Mommy. 

I hope in the near future you get to experience Cuba with someone you love because it is definitely an amazing experience.