Alexandra Hill


Alexandra Hill

I'm officially #Adulting

At 29, I recently moved into my first solo apartment last month and I am over the moon excited! When I lived in NYC, I had two roommates and don't get me wrong they are my very best friends (Hey Ash & Kelli!!) but there is no better feeling than coming home to an empty house/apt that is all for you. If you don't feel like talking to anyone or if you really just want to walk around naked with your holey granny panties on, you can! So, to say the least, I am happy to be in my own space.

Since my friends & family knew how excited I was to move into my own apartment I decided to host a housewarming rooftop brunch at my place. My apartment building has some pretty great amenities, well mostly the bomb ass rooftop and us millennials love a damn rooftop! I decided to have a theme for my brunch of #RoséOnTheRoof, because obvi, I love Rosé, the brunch was on my roof and there was endless amounts of Rosé poured. 

 I planned on keeping this post to just what I cooked at my housewarming brunch so I had my best friend, Robert, who came in from NYC, in charge of pictures because he is the best at taking pics but after drinking way too many Rosé's, I thought about how full my heart was from that day so I decided to dedicate this post to - my amazing friends. 

**insert emo feeling starting now...

As you get older, I am not old, just very close to 30, your inner circle gets a whole lot smaller.

That is a good thing.

Don't get me wrong, I am a very, very social person.  I work in Entertainment and I love to be out and about whether at brunch,  hanging with friends, getting my drink on.. whatever it is, I just love to socialize. However, who you share your dreams, secrets, embarrassing moments and down right, ugly cries with are important and I wanted to make sure my housewarming brunch was an expression of gratitude toward them.

Everyone who was present at brunch means something to me in more ways than I can ever express to them. My two bestie's from NYC (Robert & Ashlee) made a point to travel to DC for this and my good friend, Jai who is the sweetest person ever, even came from NYC too - with two Ciroc Summer Colada bottles in hand. My other two ride or dies Loni & Tay were of course there.  I had my other favorite Chocolate Treat, Ami & Marty there too - mind you, they were leaving for Vegas that same day (actually, in a matter of hours) and were there with beat faces & heels on! Honorable mention to my bitchhhhh (just a regular greeting we have) Nicole - she had a family baby shower to go to but had complete FOMO she told me lol. I won't name everyone who was there because that will take forever and some friends were not able to make it due to distance (Jon Jon!), but just know I THANK YOU for coming and supporting me throughout the years. No matter when or how we met I appreciate your friendship and it means so much to me. 

#RoséOnTheRoof was amazing. Let me tell you, milestones like these that come in your life, really shows you who is in your corner or who is willing to just SHOW UP, because that is the most important thing, showing up and just being there. Honestly, I can go on and on about my friends  but they truly are the cutest and best, they even matched the Rosé theme and wore pink (Shout out to Tylen!). 

Recently, my family went through a pretty devastating loss and to say the least, it was heart-wrenching because this person was FULL OF LIFE and lived it to the utmost fullest. I don't want to go into too much detail but I had two really close friends with me on that tough day and it meant the world to me for them to just be there. I say all of this (while tearing up) - make sure your friends/family know how much you care & love them. Yes, it was celebrating me moving into my #BigGirl apartment but it was more of a thank you from me to them for just being, who they are.  

So, this week, pick up the phone to call your friends & family or just drop a text to check on them. Oh, and always say I LOVE YOU when you hang up!

Cheers to living an amazing life!