Alexandra Hill

#CultureEscape Etete Restaurant

Alexandra Hill
#CultureEscape Etete Restaurant

If you don't know anything about the food culture in D.C. then you must know that we have amazing cuisine from all different cultural backgrounds. 

See, Washington, D.C. is not just filled with stuffy politicians but we have an array of cultures here. From the best Jamaican oxtail, Peruvian Chicken, Nigerian Jollof rice to mouthwatering pupusas from El Salvador. Growing up, in Maryland, I always had an array of friends from every culture and the food I experienced was always amazing. 

When I moved to NYC at 23, I realized how many cultural cuisines we had back in the DMV and that I missed so much. 

Starting this blog back in April, I knew I wanted to feature some hidden gems in the Washington, D.C. area beyond just posting food recipes. I came across Etete DC from a good friend of mine, Salima, who strongly suggested I try this place. Salima, is of Ethiopian decent so I knew coming from her it had to be bomb! You know, you always hear of the saying if their own people are eating at the restaurant then it must be good!

A couple of weeks ago , me and my empty stomach headed there ready to consume this Ethiopian treasure of New American cuisine with Global Influences. Etete, did some revamping earlier this year and it is SO cute inside, the pictures don't do it any justice. 

Besides from the amazing cuisine, the waitstaff and managers were all so nice and very professional - that is definitely a plus when it comes to restaurants these days. 

You know, of course, I definitely wanted a drink so the waiter suggested the Golden Coconut cocktail that consisted of tequila, coconut milk and turmeric. Now, I DO NOT drink tequila - it honestly reminds me of my college days of chugging Jose Cuervo so I tend to stray away. However, this Golden Coconut cocktail was SO DAMN GOOD! You could barely taste the tequila! 

We had so much food but there are a couple notable mentions at Etete. The restaurant did a spin on the popular Ehtiopian dish served over Injera - you know, sourdough-risen flatbread with a unique, slightly spongy texture. It usually comes with particular dishes like beef tips, lentils, fish, etc and is eaten with your hands. Well, Etete does bite size Injera tacos, a spin on the old time favorite. 

Next up, the Spicy Lamb Stew with yellow spit peas. It is a must try! The tender lamb was seasoned to perfection and the cool contrast of the split peas calmed down the spiciness of the lamb. **licks fingers

Lastly, if you're into eating an entire fish, well Etete is your go to for the Whole Crispy Market Fish (MP). Literally, the entire fish (head and everything) is served to you piping hot with a very spicy, garlic ginger sweet pepper sauce.

Overall, my experience was amazing! I strongly suggest stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying Etete. If you do, tag #JustAddHotSauce

Etete gets 3 out of 4 Hot Sauces!