Alexandra Hill

Arroz Con Pollo

Alexandra Hill
Arroz Con Pollo

I am soooo excited over this new recipe on le blog! 

As you can see from my various recipes here, they are almost all made up of spicy, Hispanic/Caribbean food - duh! Obviously, these are the foods that I ate growing up in Maryland.

My mom is 100% Puerto Rican from Brooklyn, New York - Bed Stuy, Marcy Projects to be exact! So growing up, she cooked a ton of authentic Hispanic dishes and whenever you opened up the spice cabinet a big ass bottle of Goya Adobo was there - with the red top, of course! 

I never knew of any other spice, I literally use it in everything. Eggs, pasta, tuna fish, pancakes.. sike, not pancakes but if I could, I would! 

Honestly, I never wanted to use any other brand other then Goya because that is what I grew up on, UNTIL Loma Foods came across my Instagram feed not too long ago! Loma Foods is my foodie dream come true! Loma has two very popular Latin Spices that, get this, ARE ORGANIC!

Yes, pick your jaw up! I know what you're thinking, Latin Spices that are not Goya and are ORGANIC! Yes, it is true!

 Loma Organic Sazรณn and Loma Organic Adobo are both pure and savory blends of organic spices and sea salt. No MSG, no artificial colors, and no artificial ingredients like the other brands use. 

I mean, I reached out to them with the quickness! I use both Sazon and Adobo in everything! If you haven't heard of sazon before, you definitely know what it is, it's the coloring & flavor everyone sees in yellow rice. In the back of my mind, I always wondered what was really in these famous Goya spices but never bothered to read the very long ingredients on the back, which is a sign on its own.

They were so kind to send me both spices and I couldn't wait to cook with them! I always wanted to try my Mom's Arroz con Pollo, which is a famous Latin dish and now, I have the perfect spices to work with. 

The flavor from both the sazon and adobo is amazing! My Titi (Aunt in Spanish), who is an old school Puerto Rican from Brooklyn, fully approved of this dish. She was quiet the entire time eating it and said "Now, this is good!" 

I truly appreciated cooking with these spices knowing it was organic with natural coloring to the spices, no artificial colors. It really makes cooking special, when you know exactly what is going in your body. #Winning

 If you are in a natural food store be sure to look out for Loma Foods and add it to your spice pantry or buy online here! You will truly LOVE them!

Anyway, try the recipe below and remember to tag me @justaddhotsauce_ or #JustAddHotSauce


Note: This recipe feeds 4 people, one chicken breast per person

- 2 chicken breasts, cut in half

- 1/2 cup of sofrito

sidenote: sofrito is optional, if you don't have it cut up onions, garlic and rep and green peppers and saute in the pan before adding the rice

- 2 tablespoons Loma Sazon 

- 2 tablespoons Loma Adobo

- 1 small can of Spanish Olives

- 1 cup of white rice

- 2 cups chicken stock


1. Season the meat, preferably overnight with salt, pepper & a ton of Loma Adobo seasoning ( about two tablespoons worth!)

2. In a deep, large pan, heat a tablespoon of EVOO on medium high heat. First thing you will do is sear the chicken on each side until golden brown for about 2-3 minutes. This will make the skin on the chicken crispy, you are not cooking the chicken all the way through. 

3. Remove chicken, set aside.

4. with the remaining olive oil, add in the sofrito, rice,olives and the Loma sazon. Mix together. Let cook for about 3-4 minutes.  

5. Add in the chicken, be sure to make pockets for the chicken in the rice so the chicken is not sitting on top of rice and it is cooked together thoroughly. 

6. Add in your two cups of chicken stock. 


7. Bring to a boil on high heat, then lower heat and let cook for about 25 minutes, until ALL the water is absorbed. 

8. Serve hot with sweet plantains!!!

Cheers to eating!!