This blog is for my Mother.. my amazing, crazy, super talented in the kitchen Mother who is known by friends and family as Ita (a nickname she got back in the day in Brooklyn). I have had a love of cooking since a young age and that age I can't even recall. I remember watching Food Network and printing out recipes that I could test out and my mom would take me to the grocery store and let me run wild... and for that, I thank her!

I remember the first thing I ever cooked/baked was Vanilla Lime Flan and it came out pretty amazing if i must say and my mom was right there with me helping thru every step. 

My love for cooking began at the dinner table. My mom, who raised us a single mother cooked for me and my growing brother (He is 6'6 so he ate alot!) every night. No matter how tired, exhausted or sick she was she made sure we had a GOOD no GREAT sit down family dinner EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT! More often than not, I would go back for seconds and every meal she made we felt all the love. 

So I dedicate this to her and I hope one day I can be as great of a cook as she is. 

Cheers to eating!




"Cooking is Love...made edible"